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Post Agbewo Demo: Ghanaians are scandalised and traumatised

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Comment: A deodorized shit, still remains a shit.

2019-02-12 09:54:05
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Re: Post Agbewo Demo: Ghanaians are scandalised an

A deodorized shit, still remains a shit because its not good for anything, it can't be consumed.
There are a lot of problems in the Arab world, some of which have migrated into Sub-Saharan African world.
I mean the inter religious wars, wars between Muslims of various sects and Christians of various sects.
There is nowhere in the world that citizens take up arms and knives to cut the throat of their president, murder them in their sleep and shoot them in public than in the Arab world.
It is believed by some Europeans that Africans are cannibals but it has not been demonstrated in Africa, rather than in Syria where an Islamic jihadist cooled a girl, cut her into pieces because the girl of five years was disrespectful to her mother, cook her and feed her mother.
So a person coming from the Middle East or whose parents came from there feel that its right for the police in Israel to imprison a girl who assaulted a police man, where here in uncivilized holy village of mine, the village of five rivers what will be done is for the girl to tell the policeman that she is sorry and the matter ends there.
It is a fact that in the Arab world women are not respected as its in Africa South of the Sahara.
When we go to the river side and saw the womanhood of a girl or woman its not something that others are to hear. You keep it in your mind or best of all wipe it from your mind.
In my village its not a crime that a woman exposes herself in the river, but that a gossiper, a man decides to tell a tale about what he saw or did not see.
Its the man who will be punished and is punished.
Even the granduncle of the woman calls her a Bloody Widow.

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Kwame on Feb 12, 2019 09:54
A deodorized shit, still remains a shit.