The uncaptured real State of the Nation

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Comment: when u use copied speah

Nana CoKain Otunfour Addo
2019-02-24 23:34:14
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The uncaptured real State of the Nation

Nana Addo came to power with all kinds of deceits including copied speeches. He just wanted power to recover his campaign losses over the years and to enrich his family members and cronies for the future. He is the most wicked, divisive and violent present ever in the history of Ghana. He is a silent corrupt old man. His name popped up in a number of corruption cases but he used his power to cover it up. Consider Ken Ofori Atta, Ogbami Tetteh and Keli Gadzekpo all from Data Bank now active members of Nana's Government. Why, becos they used the databank money to fund Nana's campaign. And its payback time. They should show us the list of the banks that received the banking sector reform exercise and the amount for each recipient. And let the receiving banks confirm thus. His copied speech called upon Ghanaian to be citizens but not spectators. What do we see today. You are killed when u dare talk. That is what happened when u use copied speeches

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