Exposing weak research fundamentals - Part 2

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Comment: Partisanship won't allow fair debate!!!

2019-04-06 08:29:41
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Exposing weak research fundamentals - Part 2

Whatever Muhammadu Bawumia says has to be seen through partisan eyes. I don't know if the town hall meeting was a non-partisan event. As long as politicians are involved, the issue cannot be debated dispassionately.

Bawumia is still in campaign mode which colours whatever analysis he makes. Same for the others in the other parties too.

A clean debate on the economy can be made only by people who have no personal stake in the issue by way of political appointment. Everybody is a bit partial to some political position but it is only those in power who pursue that partisanship even against their better judgement.

Bawumia's problem was playing partisan politics during the campaign period. Every Ghanaian knows that managing an economy like Ghana's is not easy and can't be easy for anybody. Bawumia told us that they, NPP, can do it and that NDC was doing it wrongly. Now, they have the chance and two years is long enough to see signs that they are on the right path even if they haven't arrived there yet.

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