Woman raped, gruesomely murdered at Breman Asikuma SHS

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Comment: Let's be security conscious

2019-04-07 09:30:49
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Re: Woman raped, gruesomely murdered at Breman Asi

Masa killings happen everywhere in this world. Fact is the police can't be everywhere at all times even the most advanced countries with quality security systems in place face this. Here in the UK someone is stabbed to death in London alone everyday not to mention of the shootings that happen everyday in other parts of the country and the same thing is happening in the US. The truth is it's going to get even worse, so we as citizens has a responsibility to first and foremost be our own police and take very good care of ourselves because the Police won't be available all the time.

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MOBA on Apr 7, 09:30
Let's be security conscious