Woman raped, gruesomely murdered at Breman Asikuma SHS

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Comment: Re: ARREST OFOSU AMPOFO(NDC) ringleader.....

2019-04-07 13:15:09
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Re: ARREST OFOSU AMPOFO(NDC) ringleader.....

We are talking about what is physically happening and you are here talking about spiritual things. Ofosu Amposo said it point blanked that they are going to rob, kill,rape,kidnapp to make Ghana look dangerous place to live under npp government and this is literally going on. The Ndc has lost any convincing words for Ghanaians to bring them back to power because they have realised that the good foundation npp is laying will keep them in opposition for long time hence they have to do anything possible to grab the seat as early as possible because if npp wins again comes 2020 election it will finally collapse the Ndc party.
People of Ghana should be smart enough and know that Ndc has full of evil and selfish leaders among them who only aim of doing politics to get power to become rich but not for Ghanaians in general.They don't deserve anymore chance in government.

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Frank on Apr 7, 13:15
Re: ARREST OFOSU AMPOFO(NDC) ringleader.....