Messrs Mahama and Nketia aren’t serious on the hardships pronouncements, are they?

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Comment: Kwaku Badu lives on fairy land.

2019-07-11 08:30:31
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Re: Messrs Mahama and Nketia aren’t serious on the

Kwaku Badu lives on fairy land.
It is a fact that the British are found of making weather.
Thus a person like Kwaku Badu who lives in Britain sees a mirage of good life in Ghana from faraway Britain and phew whatever he likes.
Kwaku Badu just like the party he writes for NPP is really insulting millions of Ghanaians who go to bed hungry because of the insane economy Nana Akufo-Addo, his relatives and NPP are running.
Things are really hard in Ghana as the price of goods and services have gone up. There are no plantain and yam on the market not depending on the lies Afrie Akoto comes to phew everyday that there is food glut on the Ghanaian market.
Mr. Kwaku Badu the British are known to be people who make weather, then later tell you that they did not collect the rain and that it was shinny all the day.
Let me add that the British are just criminals the reason why they force Chinese to buy opium from them under the force of arms with the pretext that China was against free trade.
It looks like no other person forces another to buy his or her merchandise.
Kwaku Badu I will not even swell your merchandise because the thing you are deodorizing is known by everyone to be rotten.
Akufo-Addo's government is so rotten that any housefly that seats on it like Kwaku Badu will go into the grave with it.

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Kwame on Jul 11, 2019 08:30
Kwaku Badu lives on fairy land.