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Messrs Mahama and Nketia aren’t serious on the hardships pronouncements, are they?

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Comment: Mahama & Asiedu Nketia

2019-07-11 16:29:12
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Messrs Mahama and Nketia aren’t serious on the h

Mahama and Asiedu Nketia think Ghanaians are fools to bring them back to insult JJ and to insult people abroad again and to have the opportunity to chop chop again.They can go round to trick people but folks are now better educated than before even all our children now have either Diploma,Bachelors,Masters or PHD so you can not fool people again.In the 2 years that this 2 years that this NPP has been in government you do not have to tell any Tom the difference between Mahama and this Addo man he is passionate about they nation not just chop chop you free SHS which you said was not possible now you see its doable,free Nurses & Teacher Trainees allowance,work for Agric Extension Officers who were sitting home for years,look at roads you said had been done but none or done shoddy way to get votes are being done properly not shoddy more roads such Nkoranza roads to Pinihi,Sikaa,Kranka to Manso has never been done from all past regimes just always grader grader grader to trick them for votes I know they will all be done by this regime not just grader grader that last only after couple of rains but will be asphalted well once and for all not just for cheap votes.Go and see Sawla to Damongo road Mahama's own place he did it fast for votes now see.Free SHS he said was only good for the northerners but bad for the southerners this Addo said its good for everybody because the value of education can not be quantified at least high school for everybody.What we also have to emphasize now is trade school as is done in Germany the Germans believe more in those who can use their hands not just academic.

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Rahamia on Jul 11, 2019 16:29
Mahama & Asiedu Nketia