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Messrs Mahama and Nketia aren’t serious on the hardships pronouncements, are they?

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Comment: Self Destruction

Say It Loud
2019-07-14 19:49:44
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Messrs Mahama and Nketia aren’t serious on the h

The problem I have is this: Are Mahama and Asiedu Nketia the only people available to lead NDC? They have dominated the scene for far too long and the well is drying out. I don't mind another leader challenging Nana but this guy Mahama is no longer good for the country. He knows now all the loop holes to steal massively and will not spare any moment to ensure that occurs. Ghanaians do not learn and all those advocating his return probably has the opportunity to also steal, thereby destroying themselves and the country.

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Say It Loud on Jul 14, 2019 19:49
Self Destruction