Re: It will be regrettable to vote Mahama into power again - Kofi Akpaloo

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Comment: Leave the leaders

2019-08-01 14:41:34
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Re: It will be regrettable to vote Mahama into pow

You can only hind behind the scene and be fooling yourself thinking you are fooling the generality. If a you are voted as an assemblyman in your village you can never command respect let alone MP. If you need popularity why won't you come and contest any of the seats than trying your useless article on a respectable personality like Manama? Because you are getting your kick back under senseless government so you feel comfortable to continue feeding your stomach. Why won't you advocate more years for leaders where you are getting daily bread. But backwardness clouded your mentality. Bunch of mental slavery.

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Love on Aug 1, 14:41