Fight to Death - Is it time for professional boxers to wear protective headgear's?

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Comment: The ref was very unprofessional

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2019-07-30 09:07:13
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Fight to Death - Is it time for professional boxer

I was watching this fight. The ref had a disability. He was limping off one leg. The fight should have been stopped in the 9th round because dadashev was taking too many shots. Body, heat very heavy shots and he dadashev was not responding . The ref was busy admiring the prowess of the black boxer instead. What a fool. He should have stopped the right right there in the 9th rd. I'm sure dadashev would be alive . He took much further punishment from the 9th to the 12 Rd too much unecessary punishment. Boxing is not a bloodsport. It is supposed to a civilised sport fighting. When you see a boxer getting punished you have to step on and stop the fight that's why we have refs in the ring.

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