Free SHS has caused 5,500 teenage pregnancies - Otokunor reveals

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Comment: Another useless university graduate

Alhassan Walla
2019-08-29 03:24:30
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Free SHS has caused 5,500 teenage pregnancies - Ot

Yes, this unthinking, unintelligent fool is a clear example of Senyo Hosi's assertion that Legon is churning out useless entities who are not fit for anything.

Unfortunately, these are the kind of people who populate the worthless NDC. They are just dumb and sickening to the marrow. I'm hoping for the welcoming day when this bunch of unintelligent savages would be totally wiped out from the surface of this earth. We are not joking here, please!

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Alhassan Walla on Aug 29, 2019 03:24
Another useless university graduate