Free SHS has caused 5,500 teenage pregnancies - Otokunor reveals

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Comment: For analysis sake.

2019-08-29 10:21:13
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For analysis sake.
Let us say that the population of Ghana which now stands at 29 million have three members of the family in SHS, that is if we are to make the assumption that families have a space of one year in between their children.
So each family will have three children in the SHSs. The students that are gaining from free SHS are to be 1million in next academic year.
So if we are to divide the one million by three it means that only 333,333.3 parent are gaining from the free SHS system.
It means that the rest 9.7 million parents are not gaining from the free SHS since they don't have children in SHS.
It means that the majority of the population, I mean the adult population is not enjoying any fruit of the free SHS.
Now to another aspect of the free SHS which many of us are of the view that it should have been day based with parents having their eyes glued on their children.
Because of overclouding my niece withdrew my granddaughter from boarding house and rent a place for her.
That is the reality on the ground. I am well aware that the mother of a former District Chief Executive is taking care of some of such girls who are living near her.
They were posted from faraway Ashanti Region to schools in the Volta Region with no space in the boarding house for them.
I a have been writing that Nana Akufo-Addo and his government has been behaving as wayward children with no upbringing so for them anything bad is the best.

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Kwame on Aug 29, 2019 10:21
For analysis sake.