CSE: We won’t teach pupils homosexuality – GES

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Comment: Hypocracy and Ghana

The Truth
2019-09-30 15:27:33
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CSE: We won’t teach pupils homosexuality – GES

Ghana is one of the most hypocratic societies in the world. Continuing to deny LGBT pple exist and "blaming it on the white mand" but still more than willing to practice the white man's religion. Ghanaians and most Africans are still very primitive in the way they think, which is why Africa lags behing in everything. Africans should never have been given the humans rights they are too stupid to handle it. when they are discriminated because of their race they shout racism and blue murder but they turn around and discriminate LGBT people! FUCKING HYPOCRATES THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN FREED FROM COLONIALISM. THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO USE THEIR COMMON SENSE.

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The Truth on Sep 30, 2019 15:27