John Mahama tried to homosexualise Ghana and now NDC bastardises GES

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Comment: Dysfunctional mind

Era of the conmen
2019-10-01 03:11:14
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John Mahama tried to homosexualise Ghana and now N

Is Dr Frimpong Manso ,one of the prominent critics of this devilish and unGhanaian agenda one of the idiotic NDC affiliated people? Why is it that the NPP apparatchiks like abrogating onto themselves the belief that they are all knowing and tend to denigrate all who come up with divergent views? So much for democracy the Busia/Dombo/Danquah way. And when at long last the desire of the people forces this agenda under the carpet would this NPP lapdog accept his idiocy?

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Era of the conmen on Oct 1, 03:11
Dysfunctional mind
DusTY-FooT-pHiloSophER on Oct 5, 10:49