John Mahama tried to homosexualise Ghana and now NDC bastardises GES

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Comment: Hypocrisy

Think Far
2019-10-02 02:32:26
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John Mahama tried to homosexualise Ghana and now N

Even in your right thinking sense you know this is totally false. Your darling president has failed woefully from day 1. What is NADA stand os this CSE. He's even the clearing agent here too.. Hypocrite. Even a baby born today knows Mahama has opposed vehemently this LGBT or homo openly in the international stage.. Shame shame... your paymaster is stinking of corruption and is now hypocritically heading to a ditch, it is bound to happen... If your claim against Mahama were true, how can a right thinking president who wants to wane Ghana from AID go in for this thing to burden us. Can't we think from home?... the shame of your President AKUFFO-ADDO is epitomised by his infamous solicitation of funds for the national cathedral.. Think twice. Your equalisation is dead on arrival. Capital shame

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Think Far on Oct 2, 02:32
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