Leave Prof Gyampo alone

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Comment: US law will soon catch up with you!

Lucy Fah
2019-10-12 00:19:31
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Leave Prof Gyampo alone

It may seem cute to you to engage in sophomoric hyperbole to brazenly uphold the bush Ghanaian male sexist mentality, even though you live in the US. It beggars the imagination how you can even ignorantly claim UG does not have a well-defined sexual harassment policy. The policy is well-defined and well-established. The practice of redress according to the policy is something else - thanks to the same moral corruption that afflicts all institutions in the country and the same bush mentality regarding women exhibited by you and many other Ghanaian men. We get it. You just can't give up your fufu diet no matter where you are! Keep it up in Minnesota! The law on sexual exploitation will soon catch up with you, and you won't be able to get away with a "goat meat" bribe to an American judge as you can in Ghana!

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Lucy Fah on Oct 12, 2019 00:19
US law will soon catch up with you!