Leave Prof Gyampo alone

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Comment: No, you’re wrong

2019-10-12 03:07:57
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Leave Prof Gyampo alone

It’s not just a matter of grades. Lecturers can marry their students - perhaps after the students have graduated. It is wrong for a married lecturer to have affairs with his students whether for grades or for other academic favours. Or even for nothing.
Gyampo was picked on because of persistent rumours of his dealings with the students. They didn’t just pick him out randomly. The man has a reputation of screwing his students. It has nothing to do with true love leading to permanent relationships.
He has only been interdicted, not sacked. It will be up to the university to conduct a thorough investigation and free him if he’s innocent. The media only brought the matter up. It is not the final judge.

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Kofi on Oct 12, 2019 03:07
No, you’re wrong