Leave Prof Gyampo alone

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Comment: The evil secret world leaders

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2019-10-13 05:08:12
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Great Write-Up

As one of the most intelligent among Ghanaians, I carefully reviewed the pieces of videos and analyzed from both psychological and ethical points of view. Unless there are hidden tapes, I noted that Gyampo did nothing wrong because, he did not try to influence the lady with any academic benefits and he never forced her or insisted on anything that he asked once. Gyampo possibly saw an opportunity to marry a promising intellectual lady. I am not sure, if Gymapo is married but he is a man and has right to propose to a woman. If the lady had refused and he had insisted, then I would see something wrong with it. I am not sure of UG policies, but it may not be good, if a man cannot inquire or propose to a lady who is not his student that he finds her to be possibly a perfect match.

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Remote Neural Monitoring on Oct 13, 2019 05:08
The evil secret world leaders