For the sake of justice, the IGP should arrest Kwame A-Plus ‘asap’!

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Comment: Arrest A Plus

2019-11-05 22:21:43
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For the sake of justice, the IGP should arrest Kwa

K Badu or whatever you call yourself.Get it clear that the Ghana Police Service has gone beyond arresting upon allegations of the nature that you have put here.If Abronye or your good self should provide the Police with whatever information you have for them to conduct what is called preliminary investigations to establish whether there is any offence committed ( prima facie) before inviting or arresting him.Don't use your political clout to lead the police into temptation to do the wrong thing.Abronye is around let him produce the evidence he has to the police .Why can't he make a complaint to the police.Write better things for your readers .

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KWASARE 11 on Nov 5, 22:21