We didn’t back a ‘NO vote' – House of Chiefs legal Committee

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Stephen Donkor, New York.
2019-11-18 09:24:59
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We didn’t back a ‘no vote – House of Chiefs

As much the opinion leaders chiefs and leading political figures and intellectuals in the Volta Region have not come out to condemn these so called separatists, there’s totally an indication that the people of Volta Region are in one accord with these ruble rousers. Apart from the Volta Regional minister who has openly condemned the actions of these people, I’m yet to hear a statement from one notable figure or an opinion leader who has come to condemn their actions. Since we all agree at this point that; It’s not funny or any theatrical maneuvers that these people intend to undertake, it’s totally wrong that people from the Volta Region especially, those leading figures within the NDC and traditional rulers have not voiced their opinions on the seemingly disturbing causes of this movement. In this case “ silence means consented”. If the that’s the case, the government of Ghana should start preparations for a referendum: to probably replace the district level elections referendum with an urgent referendum to grant the wishes of these people. And since we all know that divorce can be bitter for marriage couples, so shall this be. Perhaps they have forgotten how UK, our powerful colonial masters, which is also the leader of the Commonwealth of Nations, another League of Nations that’s as powerful as the UN has even been caught off-guard by what they taught would be an easier task of just walking out of the European Union, which came into being just over 20 years ago. In this case the Volta Region, a union of over 60 years; and a tiny piece of land which is has now been halved the original borders because of the creation of the Oti Region. They should also be made to draw a peace pact or a memorandum of separation with the people of Oti Region. Since it is obvious that the people of Oti would definitely refuse to join their newly independent nation. Not only that: but every one Ghanaian who identifies themselves as Voltarian in the present Ghana would be asked to re- apply for their Ghanaian Citizenship all over again. Someone may argue that these people do not live in the Volta Region hence no need to be deported or be made to reapply for their citizenship again. That may also be put in a referendum, but someone should ask me if the people who would find themselves in such dire threats would have numbers to prevail in such instances. There are other critical situations that shouldn’t be ignored, once the articles of independence of the Western Togoland heads to the Ghanaian parliament. These are just some tidbits of the broader picture, perhaps the effects may be more gruesome to behold. On the labor front, there can be serious revolt by Ghanaian workers especially those in the public or government departments, would seek to ouster people in notable positions simply because they may be perceived to be citizens of the newly declared Western Togoland. Let me say that the people who have been deceived by this 80+ years ruble rouser have not probably been briefed on the dire threats that may befall their citizens. And who told them that the Volta Lake or the Akosombo would be part of their land ? And would they be able to buyout the Ghanaian share of the Akosombo Hydro Electric generation dam? IT IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE: MY OWN ADVICE: SEEK PEACE AND PURSUE IT: PSALM 34 VRS 7.

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Stephen Donkor, New York. on Nov 18, 2019 09:24