We didn’t back a ‘NO vote' – House of Chiefs legal Committee

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Comment: Things Fall Apart.

2019-11-18 10:12:37
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Ablakwa is a dangerous tribalist

Your choice of name indicates you and your cohorts are the number one tribalists in Ghana. You don't respect any ethnic group in Ghana except yours. Even among the Akans, you are scornful of other tribal groups.
If that position on the referendum had been made by your tribal chief, no problem would have arisen. That's what I see here. A dangerous precedence is being set by those chiefs coming up to openly challenge the national president of house of chiefs. Now everything in Ghana falls in the prism of our dominant political plurality. Now the chiefs have also been successfully infiltrated. This is no JOKE! We are allowing these stomach direction politicians and their empty headed apologists to drive us into a slippery slope of problematic situation.
Things have really falling apart. God save Ghana from from these .....

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Jojo on Nov 18, 2019 10:12
Things Fall Apart.