The man Rawlings; an apostle of justice.

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Comment: Apostle the murderer

2019-12-13 04:24:27
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The man Rawlings; an apostle of justice.

You have presented Rawlings in your article as a saint who came and changed everything from bad to good. The murderer can't washed the his blood-soiled body clean. When I read what intellectual dishonest people like writes, I wish you had endured the atrocities Rawlings and murderous gangs meted to innocent Ghanaian. Some people were for collecting loans? why? Because they used their position in society. Rawlings was owing gari-and-beans seller before the coup, that tells me that the guy couldn't his own life let alone a country. You try to re-write history about Rawlings to the younger people not the ones that witnessed the atrocities that occurred. Women V were wiped openly in public, all in the name of Revolution; and a learned people so blind was us to glorify such a person. You need to ask for forgiveness! May u endure some of these atrocities wherever you are so you won't spew such trash any more.

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Kwami on Dec 13, 2019 04:24