Leave NDC Veep slot for NDC, some toes are thorns, we are wise serpents now

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Comment: Ewes are liability to Ghana

2019-12-22 06:56:02
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The Hypocrites NDC

Ndc is the reason why Ghana is not moving forward and that demonic ndc party should be banned immediately. How can a party formed by a bastard Rawlings rule Ghana? Now the murderer Rawlings is afraid of Akuffo Addo and has turned to become his friend. Rawlings remember very well how Akuffo Addo withdrew his diplomatic privileges when he was foreign minister under president Kufour. Rawlings knows that the least provocation against Akuffo Addo would land him in international court for millions of innocent Ghanaians he and his stupid ewe monsters had unleashed in this country. That's why the bastard Rawlings is quiet lately. Rawlings is a coward murderer.

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Moses on Dec 22, 2019 06:56
Ewes are liability to Ghana