Leave NDC Veep slot for NDC, some toes are thorns, we are wise serpents now

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Comment: Leave NDC alone?

Asumadu Emesewoeli, Ho, Volta Region
2019-12-22 15:06:08
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Leave NDC Veep slot for NDC, some toes are thorns,

A confused and hate-filled NDC apparachik thinking only about this election, and not about the next generation.
Is it only now that corruption is deep seated? When President Kuffour saw it long ago, you demomised him. Now that your flagbearer has become the epitome of corruption, you want to water it down by agreeing with President Kuffour. Unfortunately for you, the bus had sped past before this lazy attempt to stop it about the image of Bahama.
No one can deny corruption perception in NPP, but NDC corruption also affected all the economic indicators that brought pain and hopelessness. But NPP is bringing hope except those who see the loopholes to corruption being plugged.
Even if this 2020 election were only about governance, you have lost it with an undecided leader at the helm with his SADA airline false landing in Burkina Faso. Paul was only doing his journalistic work as you all do. But I see too much hatred in this political discourse. It is not good for good governance you claim the NDC will try to build. Why should Paul leave the NDC alone to come and cause more havoc? No! A mirage!!

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Asumadu Emesewoeli, Ho, Volta Region on Dec 22, 2019 15:06
Leave NDC alone?