Where will a ‘Fulani, Zongo’ lady like me be without education? – Samira defends free SHS

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Comment: we want change in direction

2020-01-01 09:16:47
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Where will I be without education

sex for grade beneficiary!! it is open secret that she use her body to get where she is today. it is the reason why prostitution business is spreading faster than ever under Akufo Addo. upon all your education and economy prophet you and your husband claim to be, you couldn't manage a small country like Ghana so what are you proud of? education is not about only holding degree. everyone like the Free SHS but the problem is the way you people are handling the situation. student staying home 7 month in a year for the useless double track system is what we are angry about. if really do care for the zongo people, then advise your husband to give only 30 percent of his monthly salaries to zongo people.

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REBECCA on Jan 1, 09:16
we want change in direction