Where will a ‘Fulani, Zongo’ lady like me be without education? – Samira defends free SHS

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Comment: Advise your useless husband.

2020-01-01 09:46:45
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Where will a ‘Fulani, Zongo’ lady like me be w

That your COMEDIAN vice President you call your husband is a damn mother fucker braggart and liar. Advise your husband to see a doctor. How he shakes his ugly bald head in public smacks of symptoms of Parkinson's disease. He's also been smiling by heart when there is nothing interesting or funny. Shame unto you and your useless COMEDIAN vice President. The exchange rate is $1 DOLLAR to 'ony3 sorrrmi' CEDIS

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Kutsii on Jan 1, 09:46
Advise your useless husband.