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Comment: GO TO COURT

2020-03-03 20:02:59
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EC’s announced date for new register will not ma

I wonder why the NDC and their surrogates are afraid to seek redress at the competent court of jurisdiction after all these useless demonstrations, press conferences which has yielded nothing.Will any witty person within them answer the following questions, 1. What's the mandate of the EC under the constitution of Ghana? 2. What's changed between now and 2016 when Charlotte Osei was at the helm of affairs? Can any legal entity dictate to the EC and what was the NDC stand in 2016 when NPP and co were complaining about the malpractices being committed by Charlotte Osei and Amadu Sulley which eventually brought their disgrace? What makes the NDC to think that they are the most intelligence people in Ghana? Let me caution them,most especially Kwaku Ananse Kwadwo Asiedu Nketiah that no Jupiter can save them because their days are numbered and the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has remembered their iniquities.

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ABUSUAPAYIN, SUHUM on Mar 3, 20:02