Farmer jailed 20 years for defiling, impregnating daughter, 15

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Comment: The lawless even to homes of Ghanaians

21st century boy
2020-04-26 09:27:00
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Good. Let This Serve As a Lesson

The morality of many Ghanaians have eroded based on the lawless and unethical society in which they lived. Ghana at present look like a free world where people do whatever please them and han it not been for precedent in law, even rape and incest cases could go unpublished just like some murder cases. And these are happening because the lawlessness and bank arrogance by which things are done right from leaderships to the average person in the country. It is too bad laws can rarely be enforced in a country that have freedom and justice enshrined in its coats of arms.

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21st century boy on Apr 26, 2020 09:27
The lawless even to homes of Ghanaians