Farmer jailed 20 years for defiling, impregnating daughter, 15

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Comment: In your wildest dreams

2020-04-26 20:27:51
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Ashantis shall always be supreme!!!

Thanks for confirming our conviction that Asantes skulls are of a cranial capacity of 150cc. The inference is that Asantes have small brains. The east legon housing census to confirm this illusion of yours only resides in your faeces infested brains. Bcos Akan ppl like NAM1 are staying at east Legon, fools like Asantes will never fail to disappoint to conclude that majority of East Legon residents or landlords are Asantes. No wonder. These are people who call lakes as the sea. The reason why you only know about only akans is that the majority landlords in East legon are a fair mixture of all tribes. I know some prominent ewes at east legon whose laborers are Asantes. Your mouf like osafo maafo's maf.

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Ewevi on Apr 26, 2020 20:27
In your wildest dreams