We cannot continue to use ‘ECOWAS’ register for elections in Ghana - NPP Communicator

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Comment: Then Akuffu Addo is null and void

Rogou Lawyer
2020-05-15 02:57:59
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We cannot continue to use ‘ECOWAS’ register fo

sometimes i wonder why the NDC lawyers in this country has developed a cold hearted approach against these idiots ,
such a statement coming from a communication director from NPP who has benefited from this same register as ECOWAS register,

the first thing is to take them on to Cour to prove that indeed this register is ECOWAS , hence it is not acceptable for Ghana election.
if indeed able to prove their statement and the Akuffu Addo kangaroo accepted the statement as ECOWAS REGISTER ,

then you take the president on to resign because he is not duly elected as it stipulated in our constitution, so Akuffu Addo ascendency to the presidency must be null and void

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Rogou Lawyer on May 15, 2020 02:57
Then Akuffu Addo is null and void