We cannot continue to use ‘ECOWAS’ register for elections in Ghana - NPP Communicator

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Comment: Freedom and Justice:YOU ARE TOO FRESH!

Real Stephen Donkor, New York.
2020-05-15 03:26:00
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No you don’t : you’re too shallow minded even to dabble into something that’s beyond your comprehension. You are too unsophisticated and that could be told from your baseless infantile submissions. NDC argument that NPP won the 2016 elections with that register is just shallow. In the first place who doesn’t know what happened to the 2016 elections, why was the EC not able to release the results of most of the constituencies? Do you remember that the EC indicated that their systems have compromised or hijacked ? Why are Ghanaians not being forthcoming with the realities of the 2916 elections? So far the NDC is acting as if everything was ok with the collating of the 2016 elections, and my NPP is also playing “gotcha or “don’t ask don’t tell” which totally just the opposite of realities. The fact is remains that there was something fundamentally wrong with the 2016 elections, and makes NDC’s position fishy. Again the fact that Banks and some government agencies rely on the old voters ID for transaction doesn’t give any credence to how reliable those cards are, just that until the Ghanacard came out, there was no other form viable identification for Ghanaians aside from these cards. Compare the features of the new Ghana drivers license or the Ghanacard to the voter ID card and see how fake the latter looks. Even Nigerians as at now can use their voter ID cards as Visa cards, their cards have much credible features and Water marks for that purpose. Can same be said about Ghana’s Voter ID cards? For someone like myself duplicating or counterfeiting the current Voter ID won’t come with any problems at all because they lack almost every security features that would deter criminals from producing knockoffs or replicas, do I expect a green like yourself to understand my point? That answer is hell no, because you lack the exposure to understand my point. Moreover your inability to spell simple words correctly or to construct simple English sentences makes argument with you not worth it . Just coil yourself into shell your of naivety! We are ready to argue with people who can tell their left from right.

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Real Stephen Donkor, New York. on May 15, 2020 03:26
Freedom and Justice:YOU ARE TOO FRESH!