God didn't kill 'Apraku My Daughter', we did

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Akosua P
2020-05-22 11:56:03
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Re: Niece Piece

Mr Smith, we all err, we're all wrongdoers. Those whose actions we deem to have hurt people need to chastised and that's why we have the criminal laws. But we still need to love them, pray for them to repent and help them turn from their ways. Not pray for them to be destroyed or die in pity. The fundamental love needs not to die because someone did wrong. What about all the right the person did? Yes some are charlatans parading in robes and hurting people and we call for justice, but it shouldn't be this way. They've lost the way and we should help them turn back, not kill them. God could have finished us all in a sec, but he hasn't.

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Akosua P on May 22, 2020 11:56