Don’t be deceived, there’s nothing free about NPP’s ‘Free SHS’ - John Dumelo

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Comment: Wake up

Jerome A
2020-05-28 10:07:58
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Don’t be deceived, there’s nothing free about

Of course to.be able to achieve that policy taxes have to increased.
What world do you live in Mr Dumelo?
Increased that have free education like Germany and Belgium to name a few,how do you think they pay for all that.Wake up and stop drawing attention to yourself with all these subjects.
As a young man aspiring to be an mp,if you dont think free SHS is good for Ghana then you have bo business running for mp.

An educated nation is better for all and yes it may be plagued with problems and this is where you shine by coming out with ideas on how to improve upon it.

Opposition does not always mean condemn policies.

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Jerome A on May 28, 2020 10:07