Don’t be deceived, there’s nothing free about NPP’s ‘Free SHS’ - John Dumelo

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Comment: Useless comment

2020-05-28 12:35:52
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Don’t be deceived, there’s nothing free about

John don't worry yourself you've lost the election already
I thought you will bear a good fruit not knowing you're soo dammed han NDC oh like father like a son you'll go nowhere. Come to UK and see if free school is not implemented but here we pay more taxes and we feed our children and purchase their school uniform is this not a free education John. No one should vote for you because you're coming to destroy anyone who stood against social intervention is a useless politician so go and continue your farming because you've no plan you're just a stomach politician fighting for food.your constituency voters must be very careful because you're full of NDC's son without vision but your're coming to destroy may the good Lord stop you urgently b4 is too late.Amen.

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Agyengo on May 28, 2020 12:35