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Comment: @Fake Stephen Donkor: NOTICE TO GHANAWEB

Real Stephen Donkor, New York.
2020-06-01 16:27:34
Comment to:

You this stinking NDC Togolese maggot have refused to yield to my simple order to stop writing your stinking comments under my identity. So prepare for the showdown between myself on one part against you and Ghanaweb on the other side. If Ghanaweb that refuses to post most of my comments targeting Mahama and NDC would allow you write comments under my identity, against NPP : though the they ( Ghanaweb) knows definitely that I’m not the one writing these comments the NIA or the Criminal Justice System in Ghana must adjudicate that. So I’m putting Ghanaweb on the notice that any law suit targeting whoever that is writing under my identity ( Stephen Donkor, New York) would jointly seek damages against Ghanaweb too! So the onus lies on Ghanaweb to either block this person or be jointly held responsible.

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Real Stephen Donkor, New York. on Jun 1, 16:27
@Fake Stephen Donkor: NOTICE TO GHANAWEB