EC has set Ghana’s democracy back by at least a decade – IMANI

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Real Stephen Donkor, New York.
2020-06-01 17:17:20
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EC has set Ghana’s democracy back by at least a

Who actually owns that IMANI tink tank group? That Franklin Cudzoe is now dragging the name of IMANI into the gutters. He doesn’t make sense anymore . I’m actually thinking about who have been sponsoring these groups in Ghana. If Ghanaians wants to practice a very open system of democracy, then the parliament should as a matter of urgency enact laws that would make these groups financing and funding open for scrutiny. Ghana’s Parliament is making mistakes— because if IMANI and other CSO( Civil Society organizations) have fought alongside the civil rights organizations to have the Right to Information laws passed, why should the politicians also not make these groups financial records open and accessible to the Ghanaian people? It’s very imperative that the CSO organizations sponsors be scrutinized since these CSO‘S are playing very vital roles in our country’s government. We need to know who are sponsoring groups like IMANI and others who have resorted to taking side right now instead of staying neutral. Cudjoe has turned this IMANI into another arm of the Papavi Volta advocacy group. The parliament of Ghana should act now! I would charge the Ghanaian media to start digging into the finances of these CSO’s. The Registerer Generals department and Ghana Revenue Authority should also live up their responsibility by makzing sure that anybody who would come out and issue statements in lieu of Civil Rights Organizations or CSO are vetted to see if they are registered or not. Our tax net would be expanded by up to about 10% if the government effectively pass these laws. That’s the only way most of these people like A-Plus, Franklin Cudzoe, Manasseh Azure Frafra, Kwasi Pratt and others who are now “laughing all the way to the bank” from the pockets of John Cribo Mahama and his criminal siblings would be accountable to the Ghanaian people. BAM!

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Real Stephen Donkor, New York. on Jun 1, 17:17