IMANI, ASEPA petition Asantehene over new voter register

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Comment: RUBBISH!

Kwame Asare
2020-06-01 20:58:44
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IMANI, ASEPA petition Asantehene over new voter re

Ghana is a republic and governed by way of a Constitution. It is nonsensical to petition the Asantehene as a person or his office. This has no constitutional basis. You guys give him way too much respect. Where is the Council of State or the National Peace Council that are mentioned in the constitution? You do this and Ashantis think they are better human beings than other Ghanaians.
By the way it's laughable for anyone to think that the EC is acting on its own. This whole thing is NPP agenda, EC is just a puppet. all the sane and aggrieved parties should simply go to court. That is why the Supreme Court is there.

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Kwame Asare on Jun 1, 20:58