EC to file legal basis for exclusion of Voters’ ID Card at Supreme Court today

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Ali, Toronto
2020-06-08 17:17:12
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EC to file legal basis for exclusion of Voters’

Currently there doesn't appear to be LEGAL basis! We are not talking about ordinary justifications. The legal basis would be the new rules (otherwise known as C.I. 126) that the EC has submitted to Parliament for approval. Although the NPP majority Legislative Sub-Committee of Parliament has approved the new rules, Parliament itself is yet to approve them. Given that NPP is all behind the new voter registration, there is no doubt the NPP majority parliament will approve the new rules. The big question is if the Supreme Court would accept 'futuristic' new rules. The other question is whether or not the new rules (if ultimately approved by Parliament)would be constitutional. Why question of constitutionality? The new rules per the new requirements for voter re-registration would effectively re-asses Ghanaian citizenship by the rejection of birth certificate, whereas the matter of citizenship is clearly established in the Constitution.

Interesting time ahead.

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Ali, Toronto on Jun 8, 17:17