SHS 3 students stranded in Sekondi

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2020-06-23 12:35:29
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SHS 3 students stranded in Sekondi

In everything exercise patience...my friend got an accident and died when he was Riding his bicycle only to be hit by a motorcycle....At that time we had night shift and our supervisor was the type always angry that people don't come to work...when we called the guy another person picked up and said "look you friend has had an accident and he's completely damaged but is still batting for his life"...When our supervisor drive to the nsawam govt hospital to see the guy he became speechless...He wasn't himself all night ....so sometimes you jux don't get up and do things....Yes they came late but you should let them in and punish them severely but if you say you won't let them and something happens to them outside you'll be held responsible even if you're doing the right thing...The fact that government has given you an order doesn't mean that you shouldn't use your brains in executing it...

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Right on Jun 23, 2020 12:35
Re: SHS 3 students stranded in Sekondi