EC hit with a third lawsuit over voters register

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2020-06-23 23:30:12
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EC hit with a third lawsuit over voters register

For the govt in power to be tossed up and down with repeated legal issue like this affecting the EC ability to do its due process, the ATTORNEY GENERAL IS TO BE BLAMED.THE AG IS WEAK.period.This is embarrassing and heart breaking to the presidency. When is the EC going to get time to do its due process. with all these legal issues? The AG shd have been on top of all these long before 2020. We need a pit bull AG who can foresee and preemptively act. With all due respect, Mr president we need an AG in like of Mr Martin Amidu. He has what it takes to be a competent AG.Patriotism doesn't necessarily mean belonging to a party. The ability to serve the country, and Mr Martin Amidu is one of a kind.5 months to our elections, and we are beset with series of court cases with regard to new registration exercises. The voters register is flawed, we all know it.New registration is warranted. We all know it. Why shd it take us such long? NDC is being smarter than NPP here, its sad to say, all because of AGs office. How are we going to do the new registration effectively in this short period of time. NDC is stategically winning if they say the time is short.My NPP people make noise for nothing. Abronye DC, Chairman Wontumi, all that they can do is sit on TV stations and make noise. Now reality is catching up.

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ATTA POKU NY on Jun 23, 2020 23:30