Immigration officer ‘brutalises’ 19-year-old student in Ketu South

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Comment: Re: Immigration officer ‘brutalises’ 19-year-old s

2020-06-30 03:44:36
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Immigration officer ‘brutalises’ 19-year-old s

Stop the ugly noises. Can't she read and write that the boarders have been closed? What special dispensation does she want? Is she the only student who have been affected by this crisis? Whoever goes to tempt them because of political expediency, he or she should be flogged well well. Is this news? Other borders have been closed as well. Is Volta region an exception? Go cook some 'ample and fetri detsi' with 2 tots local gin eat and sleep.

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Agbeli on Jun 30, 2020 03:44
Re: Immigration officer ‘brutalises’ 19-year-old s