Immigration officer ‘brutalises’ 19-year-old student in Ketu South

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Comment: Well said!

Sefwi Love Ghana
2020-06-30 06:56:39
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There are no special Ghanaians in Volta

The Ewe's can join Togo if Ghana is too hot for them. This Voltarians would be putting chains on Ghanaians if they happened to be like the western region that has numerous mineral resources in Ghana. There is neither cocoa,timber nor gold cashew nor diamond in the Volta to help the economy but people are making noise all over. Even the Bonos,Ahanta's,Fanti's,Ashanti's,Ga's,Kwahu's,Aowin's,Akyims ,Dagomba's,Sefwi's,Kokomba's including other great northern tribes are respectfully sober and calm enjoying the peace in the country. Please,leave Ghana if you want. What kind of Akwasi b3 sene Atta behaviour be this?Nonsense!

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Sefwi Love Ghana on Jun 30, 2020 06:56