Immigration officer ‘brutalises’ 19-year-old student in Ketu South

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Comment: Very stupid statement but good question

2020-06-30 07:51:09
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Re: Immigration officer ‘brutalises’ 19-year-old s

I will answer..we have laws...I am a Ghanaian in UK so if I ask the same question..what can the Ec do in my case too like your wife for me to travel to a centre in Ghana to register n vote..

The simple answer is if u can travel to Ghana u do..in this case borders are closed so u can't..

In the past there was an option designed by gh parliament called ROPA a system where ghanaians in foreign countries were to be allowed to vote in thier foreign country and results collated an brought to gh...that is still in the making not started yet..

so for now tell your wife to call the Ghana embassy in Togo so to see what provisions they have..if there is any like the ROPA then she can use it but if there is not then she is just like all ghanaians abroad like myself and millions of us in many worlds who will like to register/vote but can't even travel to Ghana because of closed boarders.

The is not difficult to understand so please understand this..

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Osu on Jun 30, 2020 07:51
Very stupid statement but good question