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Comment: The NDC: A law unto themselves.

2020-07-02 03:37:11
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Elizabeth Ohene writes... Not one of us

Many people be accused of unconscious tribalism or ethnocentric.
To come out in this fashion and make such a bold and official statement without researching your logic smacks of absolute stu..dity!
Fingers have been pointed in various directions and at various individuals or public figures for their volatile and unhelpful remarks about the matter. Isnt it time that we africans learn that our closest kindred are those who share village or regional borders with us and not people thousands of miles away.
Some tribes or folks surely need a pep talk about the genetic differences or similarities between humans.
I would venture a wild guess that, more students with roots in the Volta region school in other regions than vice versa.
Thus less students from CR/AR/or ER school in the V/R. Could we share experiences.
My hypothesis is that students/individuals who lived predominantly in the V/R are less receptive to other tribes;which may me understandable.
My little travels around Ghana showed me that in almost every Ghanain town or city, there is a the V/R is represented by a teacher, carpenter etc.
What re their experiences?
Finally, there is documentary evidence that the Kumasi surbub called Anloga has a higher population that the city of Anloga in the V/R. there must be good reasons why these hardworking people are happy in Kumasi and are even represented in the Asantehene's court.
Please, dont disgrace us, wake up. WE are in 2020.
Mr Ametefe or whatever he is called, you need to wise up small.

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Derrick on Jul 2, 03:37
The NDC: A law unto themselves.