Health News Wed, 30 Nov 2016

Lapaz Community Hospital wins award

After 12 years of dedicated medical service to the public, the Lapaz Community Hospital has won an international award for customer satisfaction, leadership, innovation and efficiency.

The ceremony, organised in London by the prestigious International Quality Crown Award London 2016 of the BID Group, said the choice of the Lapaz Community Hospital was driven by the facility’s uncompromising adherence to customer satisfaction and consistent quality services, which were two key indicators underpinning the group’s principles of total quality management model.

By their achievement, the hospital has attracted international attention and recognition, as it will join the elite club of global healthcare providers committed to the welfare of mankind.


The citation accompanying the award which was presented by the President of BID, Jose E. Prieto, singled out Lapaz Community Hospital’s outstanding commitment to quality and excellence, stating in part, “Our company accepts quality as a factor of development.”

Lapaz Community Hospital, the citation continued, “Is publicising this quality culture with employees, suppliers and clients to bring about customer satisfaction, teamwork and effective human resource management.”

Source: Graphic.com.gh