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People with tattoos are not encouraged to donate blood – Health Practitioner

Blood Donation5 A person can donate blood three times in a year

Wed, 15 Jun 2022 Source:

A Health Practitioner at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), David Dodzi Ahiadzro has revealed that people who have tattoos on their bodies are not encouraged to donate blood, due to the placement of the ink on the body.

He made this revelation on the GTV Breakfast Show.

World Blood Donor Day is observed on June 14 every year to raise global awareness about the need for safe blood and blood products, and express gratitude to voluntary, unpaid blood donors “for their life-saving gifts of blood,” World Health Organisation (WHO) stated.

According to Mr. Ahiadzro, “tattoo bearers cannot donate blood because it depends on where the tattoo was done, whether it is a certified well-screened tattoo parlor that has a World Health Organisation (WHO) or Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) accreditation or certification.”

He continued by saying that “it depends on the type of tattoo, you know we have surface painting and skin piercing where blood is involved, based on that you will be advised.”

He cited an example using Cristiano Ronaldo who is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester United and captains the Portugal national team as someone who does not wear any tattoos because in their country, those who tattoo their bodies are banned from donating blood and he is a regular blood donor.

Mr Ahiadzro added that one can donate blood three times in a year and disclosed that the highest blood donor in the country has donated 150 times.

He advised the public to walk into their facility to donate blood and save lives by doing so.

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