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Reduction in COVID-19 vaccine uptake worrying – Director-General of Ghana Health Service

Dr Patrick Kuma Aboagye Director-General of Ghana Health Service, Dr Patrick Kuma-Aboagye

Tue, 26 Apr 2022 Source:

Dr. Kuma-Aboagye says only 14m people have taken COVID-19 jab in Ghana

12 out of 16 regions do not have active COVID-19 cases - Dr. Kuma-Aboagye

Less than 5 COVID-19 cases are recorded daily – Direct-General of GHS

The Director-General of Ghana Health Service, Dr Patrick Kuma-Aboagye, has bemoaned the reduction in the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr Kuma-Aboagye said that Ghanaians are no longer taking the COVID-19 vaccines because they wrongly think they are not likely to be infected because of the lifting of the COVID-19 protocols and the reduction in the number of cases, reports.

He added that the reduction in the intake of the vaccines hurts the country’s efforts to achieve herd immunity against the virus.

“There has been a significant decline in the number of cases reported at the airport for those few people who are tested. The land borders are open and a little over 14 million of our population have received at least a vaccine.

“But unfortunately, the vaccine uptake has reduced and that is so because of the low-risk perception,” the Director-General is quoted to have said.

Touching on the current number of COVID-19 infections, Dr. Kuma-Aboagye said that 12 out of the 16 regions do not have any active cases with less than 5 cases being recorded daily and less than 20 cases weekly.

“We don’t have anybody who is on admission, severe or critical anywhere in Ghana, so far,” he added.

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