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Thu, 22 Oct 2020 Source: GNA

Government has been tasked to focus on tapping the potential of young people living with HIV for them to contribute effectively to national development.

Mrs. Cecilia Lodonu–Senoo, Executive Director of Hope For Future Generations, (HFFG) a non-governmental organisation, said it was time that government also focused on the youth living with HIV because they had a lot of values and goals worth supporting.

Mrs. Lodonu-Senoo was speaking to the GNA in Accra on the sidelines of the one-year celebration of Young Health Advocates Ghana, a group championing the cause of young people living with HIV in the country.

She noted that Young Health Advocates Ghana (YHAG) which was formed a year ago with 14 people had now increased its membership to 350, aged 13 to 30 years in five regions.

According to her, some members of YHAG who had dropped out of school had now gone back and some also have engaged in entrepreneurial skills to realize their potentials.

She was elated that currently, members of YHAG were pursuing medicine, law and journalism, adding that those that were currently doing their national service had also started contributing towards the sustenance of YHAG.

Mrs. Lodonu-Senoo said HFFG would be holding discussions with the Ministry of Communication to assist members of YHAG with ICT skills.

According to her, HFFG would also assisted members of YHAG to liaise with Scholarship Secretariat so that they could secure scholarships to continue with their education.

She was optimistic that members of the HYAG would in two years’ mobilize more members in all the 16 regions.

She said HFFG had accepted some members of HYAG to do their internship with HFFG, adding that members now appreciated their status and were taking their medication.

These notwithstanding, the young have set out goals for themselves and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, HFFG were getting in touch with members of YHAG virtually.

She was enthused that the French Ambassador in Ghana had also approved some interventions for HYAG.

On the games being conducted by HYAG, Mrs. Lodonu-Senoo said as young people, they needed to exercise, to be healthy.

Ms. Priscilla Addo, Greater Accra Chair, YHAG, said one of the objectives of HYAG was to build members’ capacity and empower them to champion HIV activities.

Source: GNA
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