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Women advised to stop bleaching their unborn babies

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Sun, 15 May 2022 Source:

An Aesthetician and Chief Executive Officer of Skin Savers, Madam Sylvia Darko, has noticed that some pregnant women in recent times bleach when they are pregnant.

She indicates that bleaching whiles pregnant affects unborn children.

“Right now right from pregnancy people are taking lightning pills to lighten the baby before it comes out. One problem that gives is club foot. The baby eats from the amniotic so if you give the baby lightening pills that will affect the baby.

She said such medications mothers give their babies to look a certain kind of way should stop because it has dire effects on the children.

“Children who are given such pills and medication end up being dull students in school. This is because those pills have adverse effects so it’s imperative that the choice to have a light skin is left with the children to choose when they are of age and not for their mothers,” she said on Accra-based OKAY FM.

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