Ghana Health Service honours Dr Awoonor-Williams

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Comment: Rubbish form an idiot

2021-02-21 20:49:45
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These Mpepefuor!

Unfortunate comment. Your posture is worse than what was visited upon the Dr based on an allegation. Infact, it is people with your type of mediocre reasoning who caused that disgrace to themselves. You need to better your understanding about the North rather than make such irresponsible comments about an entire area. Have you not read the commendation from many others? It is a shame than we have people of your kind in Ghana.
Find out about other people who are sojourner there and wouldn't like to come back simply because of the wonderful hospitality they are enjoying unequal of other places.
Please learn to be respectful in future.

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Dd on Feb 21, 2021 20:49
Rubbish form an idiot